10 Celebrities Who Love to Camping

Camping is an activity enjoyed by many who appreciate the beauty of nature and love adventure. It is one of the best ways to momentarily escape from the hectic city life and rejuvenate oneself in a natural environment.
Arming yourself with the proper camping equipment will help you go through a stress-free escapade and enable you to better enjoy the natural environment.

Many of us love camping, and some famous personalities also share the same passion. Given a chance to escape from their busy schedules, these celebrities prefer to go camping and commune with nature as a form of relaxation. Camping love is also their way of getting away from the limelight so that they can act their natural way in the most natural environment.
Here are some celebrities who have been known to enjoy a night underneath the stars.

Camping at Konkan

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a young talented musician and pop singer from Canada whose songs are constant chart toppers and has sold millions of albums. He is known to be a good dancer and basketball player.
Whenever he finds time to relax from his busy schedule, Justin was quoted as saying that he also loves to go out camping.
In fact, Bieber posted on Instagram where he has 102.4 million followers a photo of himself sleeping in a camping bed that was taken outdoors. There were other photos which showed Justin camping with his friends in an unnamed camping site.

Paul Bettany

Bettany is a British actor best known as the voice of Jarvis, Iron Man’s trusty computer intelligence system. He also played Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Infinity War. His other movie credits include Priest and Legion.
Bettany and actress-wife Jennifer Connelly love to go camping with their kids. In one of their camping trips, Bettany recalled that they had to deal with the rain and animals stealing their food. They had to secure their camping site and despite some hitches, Bettany said it was an experience worth repeating.
To avoid glitches, bringing the right camping gears will let a camper enjoy a worry-free activity.

Matt LeBlanc

LeBlanc is a famous American actor, comedian, and television host best known for portraying Joey Tribbiani on Friends, one of the most popular TV series which aired from 1994 to 2004.
LeBlanc truly loves to camp, as he was once spotted in Los Angeles carrying camping equipment. Photos taken of the star showed he was packing four packages at the back of his SUV containing a camping tent, sleeping bag, and other camping accessories.

Tom Cruise

Cruise is one of Hollywood’s highest paid and most famous actors who gained worldwide recognition for his fast-paced action movies such as Top Gun, Edge of Tomorrow, and Mission Impossible. The actor enjoys camping and has made trips across the United States to enjoy the great outdoors. It was reported that Cruise began planning one camping trip for his family when he was shooting in the Brazilian jungle.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is an actor from Texas who became known for his movies A Time to Kill, Magic Mike, Dazed and Confused, Dallas Buyers Club, and Interstellar. It turns out that he also loves to go on camping trips. He even had a camping theme during his wedding. He is married to Brazilian model Camilla Alves.

Eva Longoria

Longoria is best known for her portrayal of Gabrielle Solis in the TV drama series Desperate Housewives. She also seems to enjoy camping among other activities as she was once spotted in Europe on the way to a camping trip in Normandy. It is said that Longoria followed her father’s love for adventure, as he used to take Eva and her siblings on camping trips.

Ben Fogle

Fogle is known for the TV Series Castaway. He also often embarks on camping and adventure trips. Fogle mentioned that when he’s not travelling for work, he’s either in England pitching his tent on a clifftop, overlooking an ocean.
In fact, he stated in an interview for a magazine that he was hoping to bring his children to the United Kingdom for camping.

Alex James

Aside from being a cheese lover, superstar Alex James also loves camping with his wife and five children. The musician revealed to Daily Express that their whole family would often take off for a weekend camping trip.


Pink is an American singer-songwriter who also has a passion for camping. Alecia Beth Moore in real life or Pink, said on Twitter that it’s so fun to camp with friends and family.

Miley Cyrus

Cyrus became famous in the Disney TV series Hannah Montana. Miley, who is a daughter of American singer Billy Ray Cyrus, also loves camping as she posted photos on Instagram showing she was sleeping in a camping chair.
She is not the typical camper though, as she was spotted camping in heels, lingerie, and in company of models. What she does is now known as ‘glamping’, a fusion of glamor and camping.

Be a Happy Camper

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