Discovering new tastes and food cuisines around the world

If you enjoy tasting different food out there then you have to travel more to discover diverse culture and cuisines, the globe has to offer. Below is a list of the top 5 most delicious international cuisines from top tourist destinations. also check out our writing about Around the World in 8 Steaks

Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanon has a rich history of cultural tourism. It has many ancient Roman ruins,Limestone caves, well preserved castles, Mosques and historic churches, wonderful beaches along the Mediterranean sea, ski resorts and beautiful nightlife and clubs.

Lebanese cuisine

The Lebanese cuisine lets you taste amazing dishes that the middle East region has to provide. Foods are usually Mediterranean, rich in vegetables, less meat and plenty of flavors. Appetizer mezze is the most popular dish. It is a collection of salads, dips, nibbles and Arabic bread and pickles. It also comprises fruits, fresh fish, seafood with little animal fat. Lebanon is popular for Arabic sweets. Tripoli is also known as the “sweet Capital” of Lebanon.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine includes different flavors and spices. It is a combination of Spanish, Mayan and Aztec ancient culture. The French also played apart, adding baked foods like sweet breads and bolillo. Mexican recipe for burritos includes; avocados, garlic glove, onions, red chilli, lime juice, tomatoes, vegetable oil, rump steak and fresh coriander. Mexican cuisine also offers exotic alternatives for your menu like iguana, insects, deer, rattlesnake or spider monkey.

Greek Cuisine

Greece is among the most popular tourist destinations in the globe. It boasts of over sixty inhabited Islands, Historical sites, beaches and high mountain ranges for tourists to explore.

Greek cuisine

Greek food cuisines includes; olive oils, leafy vegetables and Mediterranean herbs. Dining in Greece different compared to Greece restaurants found in other countries. For instance, Gyros is considered as a junk food by Greeks. Greece restaurants provide an amazing eating experience with latest culinary trends. You can visit Taverna and Estiantorio restaurants to find affordable Greek Cuisine.

Indian cuisine

India attracts tourist due to its rich history, cultural and geographical provides heritage and cultural tourism as well as medical, business and sports tourism. it is also a religious country and you should visit popular temples to discover the sophisticated religious practices. these temples have great architectural designs.

indian cuisine

Indian food Cuisine is sophisticated and diverse. It has 4 parts namely; North India or South, Punjabi, East and West. Indian foods are rich in vegetables, lamb, fish, chicken and goat meat. Indian cuisine is normally very spicy. to ensure you enjoy the food, begin slowly and you will gradually get used to the flavors. Indians usually eat without cutlery. However, these traditions are beginning to change for Europe and US oriented Restaurants.

Thai food Cuisines

Thailand has great scenery and ancient culture with classic temples and modern urban restaurants. There are about 30,000 Buddhist temples playing essential roles as social, spiritual as well as educational centers. You can observe artistic and cultural heritage through the design and decorations of the temples. Tourists experience Thai music and dance at the National Theater located in Bangkok or restaurants meant for tourists.

Thai cuisine

Thailand has a rich and diverse cuisine. It has a balanced mix of bitter, sweet and hot flavor. It includes herbs and flavors like lime juice, fresh coriander and lemon grass. Rice is the key component combined with nampla, shrimp paste, noodles and fish sauce. You can experience a taste of raw beef, sour fish paste or fried insect larvae in the Northeast.

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