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Seven Most Under-Rated Destinations in the United State

Everyone who has ever traveled or who has ever been interested in traveling can name the most popular destinations in the US. Warm weather, great cultural attractions or huge amounts of entertainment options put certain American travel hotspots on everyone’s tourist map. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago draw visitors simply because of their images as cultural meccas. Places like Hawaii, South Florida and San Diego are known for their warmth and even former upstarts like New Orleans, Phoenix and Seattle have become mainstream destinations.

so here is the list of Most under rated destination in United state.

But some of America’s lesser known cities deserve more attention because of their attractions, user-friendliness and/or cultural venues. Here are some of those under-rated destinations:


This city in the “Rust Belt” has much more to see than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But Cleveland does still know how to rock; it has a great live music scene. But it also has lots of public art and world class museums (some of which do not charge admission). There are still remnants of Cleveland’s Golden Age when big business names (like Rockefeller) paid for construction projects that still stand today. Though there is still plenty of evidence of the city’s status as a member of the Rust Belt, it is easy to find evidence of the city’s exciting past and hopeful future.s oit is on our under rated destination list.


Baltimore is Washington D.C.’s often ignored little sister. Mostly known for its high crime rates and its hard-luck sports teams, the city is actually one of the better places to experience some East Coast charm without the ultra-high prices and crowds you might find in Washington DC, New York or Boston. The shiny Inner Harbor area is aimed at tourists, but it is still a good place to find tasty seafood and saltwater smells. The city’s museums are world class and its neighborhoods offer a gritty charm.


Minneapolis is mostly associated with its cold, windy winters. However, this city is one of the nation’s most scenic, with urban lakes and parks that are packed with boaters, walkers and picnickers during the warmer seasons. The City of Lakes has a great arts scene and its theater and music scenes are known nationally by people in the performance industries.


Horses play a central role in this city’s culture and image. But it is not all thoroughbreds and mint juleps. Louisville has an attractive riverfront area and a surprisingly accessible culture. Like the other cities on this list, certain neighborhoods can be a bit rough, but if you do your research and know where to go, you can have a great time experiencing the city’s unique blend of Southern, Midwestern and Eastern culture.


Yes, the list of attractions in this southern metropolis include the Grand Old Opry and the state capitol building. But the music and sightseeing scenes go well beyond these well known spots. Venues like the Bluebird Café are known for attracting the most promising up-and-coming singers, musicians and songwriters. Nashville has plenty of restaurants and nightlife spots that bring to mind its Southern past. But it is also a modern metropolis with a population that is becoming more and more diverse and attractions that give it a surprisingly cosmopolitan edge.


Oakland is often relegated to third place when people talk about the Bay Area. San Jose is a sprawling but pleasant high-tech metropolis and San Francisco is the Bay Area’s tourist gem with its world-famous neighborhoods and iconic sights. Oakland is a surprisingly progressive city with plenty of tough neighborhoods, but plenty of pleasant, accessible ones as well. Many refugees from San Francisco’s exorbitant cost of living have moved to Oakland and given it new life. There is a great arts scene and a restaurant scene that is enjoying an increase in reputation.


Yes, this city hosted the 1996 Olympics and is home to cable television luminaries and popular sports teams, but it is not exactly the first destination on many urban travelers lists and under rated destination. It is known as a somewhat dangerous city with plenty of tourist traps and numerous traffic jams. But Atlanta has a cosmopolitan edge and is often referred to as the capitol of the New South. It has one of the world’s most under-rated restaurant scenes and plenty of live music in a variety of genres.

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