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Top travel tips to visit Venice

Venice is the most beautiful and romantic Italy city and it is also known as the “Queen of the Adriatic” and “City of Light”. Narrow streets of Venice and the lack of cars make this city atmosphere a calm and peaceful one. In this post we will share top tips to visit Venice, which will help in your Venice tour. Venice is located in the northeastern Italy structured on a 118 small islands that are separated by the canals and only connected through the bridges. Venice is famous for its artwork and the architecture. This city is considered to be the capital of Veneto region.

Venice History and location

When we come to the history of the Venice it is located on the north of Italy, and has approximately population of 271,500 – relatively large according to the size of the city! Venice is segregated into six areas: Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco, Dosoduro, San Polo and Santa Croce.

Venice is picked from the earliest Veneti persons who occupied the area by the 10th century BC. Venice was historically the capital of Republic of Venice. This city has been popular as the ” Queen of the Adriatic”, “Serenissima”, “City of Masks” and ” Bridges city”, “The Floating City”. Times Online also describe Venice as the most romantic Europe’s city.

Gondola on the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy (Image credit: Peter K Burian under license CC 4.0)

Gondola on the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy (Image credit: Peter K Burian under license CC 4.0)

Republic of Venice was considered to be a foremost maritime power for the duration of Middle Ages and Renaissance and the important commerce center of spice, silk and grain. This is the main reason Venice is considered to be a well-off city throughout the history. It is famous for its artistic movements, like Renaissance period and also the place of birth of the Antonio Vivaldi.

When it comes to the Venice’s economy it changed throughout its history. During the time of Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Venice is a hub of the commerce and trade and known to be a wealthy European city, a leading light in both political and economic affairs field. Today, Venice’s economy is totally based on tourism, shipbuilding, trade and industrial exports. Murano glass and lace production also provide the support to the economy.

Things to know when visiting Venice ( tips to visit Venice )

You will get the chance to explore the spectacular beauty and architectural radiance in this country and this is the reason every single person wants to visit Venice. This country has totally amazing lifestyle and culture with a combination of the modern developments. This county is a hub of historical places which make it a perfect travel destination for the tourists. Below mentioned tips will help you to make your Venice tour a memorable one.

When to visit Venice?

When planning to spend the vacation in Venice, you must decide your budget because there are a lot of things to do. Venice is the expensive countries in Europe but at the same time it offers many cheaper options to travel, live and explore it. Always give preference to the local travel guides he will definitely tell you the money saving tips. The peak tourist season in Venice starts from the June and goes till the September. So, if you have low budget then avoid to visit in these months. The best time is off season that starts from February and goes till April.

Always carry Map or use Google Map.

Narrow Venice streets will make you lost in it. If you don’t want to get lost, then the map would definitely help you out. Make sure to take a map along with you in term of digital or paper (depends on you) to reach to your end point easily

Consider Travel Insurance for Venice trip..

Travel insurance is a must one. If you are an overseas traveler, then I would suggest you to buy a travel insurance that would help you to safe from loss or stealing your belongings.

Take maximum advantage of free tourist spot in Venice.

Try to cut the costs by visiting the free attractions. Have a look on the freebies before visiting the Venice. You can explore the old towns, cities and attend the local festivals. This will be a saving if you are visiting Venice with your family. At Venice the preferred method to explore is by foot, so don’t try to forget to take the comfortable walking shoes along with you.

Expensive food may affect your Budget

After done with the transportation and lodging you should look on the food matter. Restaurant bills definitely affect your budget. Try to check the food costs before placing an order in any Venice restaurant. This country offers many places where better food is provided to the tourists at cheap rates.
Venice offers a number of places to see and explore. The best thing is the Italian food and cuisine that is famous all over the world. There are many affordable restaurants bars, pubs and discotheques which are open all the night for the tourists. Do carry a camera to capture the spectacular views of this country. Enjoy!

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