Overnight Camping at Kundalika riverbank, Raigad

Great travel experiences are the one which you remember because of the time you spend with your friends, the things you saw and the food you ate, in this case, we had each and every bit of our recent overnight camping trip. We will never ever forget this camping weekend, that too in western ghat. Few day ago Ajinkya and Ninad decided to organize camping in the beauty of western Gat region of Maharashtra. So we decided to set up a camping on the bank of Kundalika River near Bhira Hydroelectric project. The river flows through thick forests and rice fields of a Konkan region.

Choosing site for camping….

This place Near Bhira Hydroelectric project has been recently getting a lot of attention and tourist attraction. So we decided to take our college friend group along for a camping trip on our own. We had rent out tents and Sleeping bags (now we have also purchased 4 tent and sleeping bags for our tours.) The traveling part of the site is very easy, this site is situated 120 km from Mumbai and 100 Km from Pune. We travel by State transport bus some of our friends came from Mumbai and some came from Pune. Then we took a tea break at Ninad’s Home.

Camping site at Konkan

Camping site at Konkan

Camping site Ninad place

colleagues enjoying tea at Ninad’s native place, Bhira. (from left Ninad, Mayur, Sanket, Ganesh, Praful, Ajinkya, and Shubham.)

And we reached camping site …

We reached our site at 4 o clock around and first we cleaned our site, and started collecting wood and dried grass for light a campfire, after cleaning and collecting woods we quickly started pitching and assembling our tents. Some of our friends also started posing for photographs, and it’s mandatory for any tour. Since the site is situated in western ghat temperature dropped suddenly and we started feeling freeze. The bonfire saved us all.

Ajinkya and praful at camping site

Ajinkya and Praful carrying camping tent and other equipment (pic credit: Sanket W)

Shubham, Ajinkya and Ninad collecting woods for the campfire.

Shubham, Ajinkya and Ninad collecting woods for the campfire.

Cooking, music, and chit-chat…

When you are camping in Konkan the first thing that comes to your mind is the Konkani Popti dish. Well, Popti is made up in an earthen pot with chicken, eggs, beans and chilly spices. The pot is further sealed with leaves up to its neck. Then it is placed in the fire created by burning wood. Trust us Konkani Popti was the best dish we had that night. We also bought chicken and we barbecued them over the bonfire and cooked chicken biryani on a bonfire. We had cooked plenty of food that night and it was a very gourmet feast. The food was absolutely delicious.

cooking at camping site

Barbecue chicken at the campfire. (Pic by Rohan Salunkhe)

The moonlight was shining so brightly, the moonlight was so bright so we didn’t even need torches for roaming around the site. We were having food, dancing on songs, chit-chatting our old memories and enjoying every second of our tour. At midnight the sky was almost full of filled with stars, and we even can see it clearly. Some of our friend enjoying star gazing and music. We also witness 2-3 shooting stars that night. At last, we had dinner and went into the tent and took 2-3 hour of a nap…

chit-chatting at the campfire

chit-chatting at the campfire

Symbolic campfire

Symbolic campfire

2-3 Hour of a nap and second day begin…

The second day was fully filled with new joy, we woke up (some of us) to see the sunrise. It was so stunning and beautiful. The river was so clean and we couldn’t resist taking a dip in the river, so we decided to jump into the river and the next level of adventure begins. It was really fun in the river, the water was so transparent and cold in beginning. After some time it was the time to leave the river, we started packing our camp, cleaned the site and moved to next destination which is dam (Water reservoir) on that river…

kundalika river,Konkan

Sanket, Ajinkya, and Ninad chilling in the river…

The concluding Note for our overnight Camping…

After packing and leaving camping site we went to Bhira Dam at afternoon. It was also amazing place and finally off to our workplace (Pune- Mumbai) by state transport Bus. This experience was a great and amazing way to break from our daily routine, we got some fresh air, had a good time with our college friends, and it’s a lot more than setting up campfires (although those are really great parts of our camping, too). we wish bhira riversite will be a big tourist attraction if Bhira city branding is done.

What we need for overnight camping.

  • We don’t need a plenty of “Materials” for Camping, we just need some basic resource and trust amongst our friend circle. and yes it is enough to plan for camping.
  • Rent out some good tents and camping equipment, you can purchase it for longer use, although we have also purchased 4 tents and other outdoor traveling equipment after this tour.
  • A good food tastes after a long day outdoors. the food yes, if you have delicious and tasty food for camping dinner tastes like a gourmet feast. bonus tip- tryout local food it will be a good experience. during this camping, we had Konkani Popti dish which we enjoyed.
  • always carry medical first aid box for emergency purpose.
  • Always carry plenty of water. sometimes camping site doesn’t have a clean water source. so don’t forget to carry plenty of water.
  • Respect the Nature. you’re also part of the environment, so respect the importance of wild area around you. That means picking up trash, leaving as small of an impact as possible, and keeping nature…well…natural, it is your duty to clean camping site after packing up the camping.

So Do You Want To Go Camping, want to take nature’s ride?

Camping is not only about staying in tents, BBQ and enjoying the campfire. There much more to it. The main objective of camping should be to go back to nature in the true sense.
you can call contact Ajinkya Rodge at 8411805486 or contact us directly.

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  1. Alexander Popkov Reply

    I am living in Finland and we do love camping. It is only possible during summer and the warm time is not long. We have many people gathering around archipelago islands.

    • Admin Reply

      yes, well in India we can do camping in summer(March to May) as well as winter season (December to Feb).

  2. lahale1915 Reply

    We live in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States so camping can get really cold at night. It is great to get away and get into nature. I don’t know if I could go swimming in that cold river. Glad you had a fantastic experience with friends.

  3. Beverley Reply

    I love camping and seeing the stars, I did this in Australia and it was amazing, thanks for th3 insight and I will definitely be in touch when I come that way

  4. Ethel Reply

    All this trouble cleaning a camling place and setting up a tent for 2 – 3 hours a sleep.. judt kidding. I am sure the sunrise was worth the early wake up! Good read! I prefer also tent to hotel whenever climate allowes – drive through Sahara stsying in tents – more about it on

  5. Denny George Reply

    Maharashtra’s Western ghats us probably one of the most underappreciated regions in India. A few years back, I had spent a week backpacking across the region. It was one of the most cherished trips I’ve had in India.

  6. Erica Reply

    It looks like you all had a great time! I love camping and I think it’s such a valuable way to spend meaningful time with friends and to deepen relationships. Nice post!

  7. Ali Dunnell Reply

    This looks like you had a wonderful time and a great experience. The think I love most about camping is actually bonding with the people you are with. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. shashank Reply

    What a beauty!
    it is great to share you experience with whole world. keep going guys. can’t stop to call you.

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